Curler’s Corner: Know Your Role (7/7)

Part 7: Skip A Skip (or the team member throwing Skip stones) is responsible for getting 2 points with the hammer or steal 1 point without the hammer. Guard: If things are going well for your team, where there are a couple of your team’s stones in the house and possibly behind cover, the Skip […]

Curler’s Corner: Know Your Role (6/7)

Part 6: Third A Third is really the jack of all trades.  A Third is often called on to maintain or regain control of the end.  Hopefully there are a number of stones in play when the Third throws their stones.  Their job will range from adding more guards, adding/replacing stones in the house, opening […]

Curler’s Corner: Know Your Role (5/7)

Part 5: Second A Second’s shots are often heavly dictated by what their Lead has thrown.  Sometimes the opponents Lead stones are what dictates what a Second will be required to throw.  In a typical game there are only 4 types of shots that a Second will be required to throw. Draw: This is the most common […]

Curler’s Corner: Know Your Role (4/7)

Part 4: Lead If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll have read the Lead On!post that was written that had some information about the Lead’s Role.  And Part 3 of Know Your Role covered the Delivery role.  So what could possibly be left to cover?  Well in this post we will look at what are […]

Curler’s Corner: Know Your Role (3/7)

Part 3: Delivery It seems like such a simple role.  Deliver the stone.  Besides the technical difficulties of delivery, how hard can it be?  Well you’re right.  The primary goal of the delivery is to throw the stone.  But the role of delivery starts way before the release. Communicate: Are you sensing a pattern?  Of […]

Curler’s Corner: Know Your Role (2/7)

Part 2: Sweepers It it common for most curlers out there to think their only role is to sweep when the skip says to and stop when they say to stop.  But sweepers have more responsibility and a role in every shot than just doing what their told.  So what else do the sweepers have […]

Curler’s Corner: Know Your Role (1/7)

The following will be a 7 part series of the different aspects of curling (skipping, sweeping, deliverying, throwing lead, throwing 2nd, throwing 3rd, & throwing 4th) and understanding what your role in the curling game is.  Like anything, a team who’s members know what they are to be doing, when, and why, will function like a well […]

Safety First

Whether you are just attending a Learn-To-Curl or have been Curling for 15+ years, safety should be your first concern.  Curling does not have safety gear.  Sure there are gloves to protect your hands from getting a blister from sweeping to hard, but that’s as much of a safety feature as it is in golf.   What is […]