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Major Announcement – Curl San Diego Moving To Carlsbad!

After countless meetings and many hours weighing the pros and cons the Board of Curl San Diego has voted unanimously to move the club to the new rink opening in Carlsbad!  This has been the biggest decision in the club’s history and was not taken lightly by any board member. The board has been in discussions with the Carlsbad GM since the announcement of the new rink in December and we have all had face to face meetings with the GM and their partners on several occasions to discuss the details of this move and what it means to our club and their facility.  We have a great working relationship with Matt and feel very comfortable and confident about the strength of this relationship going forward.

This decision was difficult but done as a means to grow the club and its membership.   We have had a great relationship with Escondido Iceplex throughout our time at the rink.  We are eternally grateful to the Escondido Iceplex for allowing our club to start up and exist all these years.  Without their help and support there would not be a club in San Diego.  They have agreed to help us in the time leading up to the move in a couple months including ice times.

 We are looking forward to opening the doors in Carlsbad sometime in early fall (TBD) with our previous, current and newest members.  We value each and every one of you and hope you will make this exciting move with us.

12 thoughts on “Curl San Diego Moving”

  1. Hello!
    Iv’e never played this sport before, but I really want to try it and I know I will love it!
    What is the best option for me?
    It seems like just one individual time is $25 but a membership would be only $50 and that would be unlimited correct?
    Also, since I am just starting out, I don’t think I’m suited to play on a league, but would want to play more for the fun of it until I got better, is this possible at curl san diego or is it more for people who already know what they’re doing?
    Okay, I think that’s all.
    I’m moving to Carlsbad in August and I’m so excited that you guys will also be moving there soon! thank you and look forward to your reply!

  2. Hi Josie,

    Sorry for the late reply. The cost of curling is usually $25 per night. The membership fee is only needed for the fall and spring leagues and is in addition to the per night curling cost. However right now we are not requiring any membership for the summer leagues so you don’t need to worry about that.

    Because of the Olympics this year we have lots of new curlers so it’s a great time to come out and learn. We will always try and pair up experienced curlers with new ones and the experienced curlers are always willing to new teach new people.

    Coming up in the next few weeks we are going to have some pickup games in addition to the league and that will be a great place for you to try curling. If you have any questions please feel free to email us at

    Hope to see you soon!

  3. I was just at the Ice-Plex and seen your freezers for the curling club. This is always something I have wanted to try. I would like to come out on June 28th to the pickup game but want to make sure that this is truly something for newbies to attend and be introduced to the sport. Looking forward to your response. Thanks

  4. Hi Scott,

    Newbies are always welcome. Due to the recent Olympics we have a lot of new curlers playing now and all of our experienced players are willing to teach the new players. We will probably put you through a crash course in curling for the first few minutes and then you can start playing a game right away. Like any new sport it just takes a little practice to get going so your first few throws are going to be a little off but that’s no big deal everyone goes through the same thing when they start. Just be sure to bring clothing that you can do a lunge in (curling delivery position) and some soft soled shoes like tennis shoes (softer material grips the ice better, where as hard shoes like boots will be very slippery). You can checkout the dare to curl video on the web site for a beggining curling demo.

    Hope to see you on the Ice!

  5. Hi Rebecca,

    Absolutely, your more then welcome to come by and watch. There are stands around the ice rink and even a warm room where you can watch the game.


  6. very cool! when is the new rink in Carlsbad scheduled to open? I had originally heard June but drove by there last month and it looked like not much had been done in terms of renovations. Look forward to coming by to check out some curling!

  7. Hi Scott,

    Right now the planned open date for Carlsbad is late September. We hope to have an open house close to opening day and then start right into our Fall league. Hope to see you there.


  8. Do you know the schedule for curling in Carlsbad. Will there be any days/nights other than Saturday? thanks!

  9. Hi Andy,

    We don’t have the schedule finalized yet but we are planning on having a weekly Thursday night draw starting at around 8:30 or 9pm and if there is a enough interest we will have a weekly or every other week a late night Saturday draw. We are getting a fifth set of stones in the next couple weeks so we will have enough spots for 40 people per draw.

    Hope to see you out there,

  10. Hi Donna,

    We still don’t have a date yet unfortunately. The rink is still under construction but it looks like they are getting close. The rink is holding an open house this weekend on Saturday for the public to view the construction so hopefully we will know soon. The web site for the new ice rink is

    Good curling,

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