Curling Parties and Events

Every four years curling gets a big boost from the Olympics and guess what? It’s that time again. So for the new few months, curling will enjoy more attention and popularity than ever. At Curl San Diego we love curling because it’s awesome (we won’t bore you with all of its degrees of amazingness) but it’s also a darling with the public and media for its novelty factor and its great photo ops!


Interested in a curling party or event for work or for fun? We have the equipment, the ice, and the club members to lead your group or party in their very own Learn to Curl followed by a mini game.


Have your own ice and want us to come to you? Pop up Curling sessions (about 1 hour, start to finish) are geared toward people with zero curling experience, include demonstration, teaching and practice delivering and sweeping stones. You provide the ice, we’ll take care of the rest! There are no special ice prep requirements for pop up curling (although freshly Zambonied ice would be ideal) and the curling event itself would not have any adverse impact on the ice surface.


Contact us at for more information on hosting an event with Curl San Diego.