2014 Summer League

Congratulations to Team Brazil for Winning the 2014 Summer League


1 – Italy
(Adam Endicott, Kolby Teare, Corie, Lindley Slipetz)
2 – Netherlands
(Sharron McIlwain (4))
3 – Switzerland
(Tom Stanton, Clyde Nooris, Anthony Arobone, Patrick Colpoys)
4 – Brazil
(Karen/Jon Coombs, John Malin, Stefanie Smith, Kelly McCormack)
5 – Argentina
(Brian Walsh, Marychello Lauritzen, Ryan G./Mark K., Owen McLachlan)

League Schedule:

Week 1:  – Saturday June 14th 8:30pm
Sheet C: Italy (W) vs. Netherlands (L)
Sheet B: Switzerland (L) vs. Brazil (W)
Sheet A: Argentina (L) vs. pickup
Week 2:  – Saturday June 28th 8:30pm
Sheet C: Brazil (W) vs. Argentina (L)
Sheet B: Italy (L) vs. Switzerland (W)
Sheet A: Netherlands (W) vs. pickup
Week 3:  – Saturday July 12th 9:45pm
Sheet C: Italy (L) vs. Brazil (W)
Sheet B: Argentina (W) vs. Netherlands (L)
Sheet A: Switzerland (W) vs. pickup
Week 4:  – Saturday July 19th 8:00pm
Sheet C: Netherlands (L) vs. Switzerland (W)
Sheet B: Italy (L) vs. Argentina (W)
Sheet A: Brazil (W) vs. pickup
Week 5:  – Saturday July 26th 8:00pm
Sheet C: Argentina (W) vs. Switzerland (L)
Sheet B: Netherlands (L) vs. Brazil (W)
Sheet A: Italy (W) vs. pickup (L)
Team Wins Losses Ties Points
Brazil 5 0 0 15
Argentina 3 2 0 9
Switzerland 3 2 0 9
Italy 2 3 0 6
Netherlands 1 4 0 3
2014 Summer League
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6 thoughts on “2014 Summer League”

  1. Hi Brian,

    Standings are incorrect. Team Switzerland is 1-1.
    Also, not sure if you can pass my contact info to Tom Stanton.
    Have a blast in the summer league!


    Pat Colpoys

  2. I would like to get involved in summer curling. Are there any openings for this summer or sub list or drop in? I have done some pick up games with SD Curling in the past.
    Tim Owens

  3. Hi Tim,

    We almost always have room for more curlers, Go ahead and sign up for any of the remaining pickup games and we will get you on the ice curling.

    Thanks and hope to see you soon,

  4. Hi Brian, the standings are incorrect. Switzerland beat the Netherlands. Switzerland should be 3-1. Thanks, Clyde.

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