2016 Fall League

The 2016 Curl San Diego Fall League will be a 11 week 6 team league double round robin starting on Saturday September 10th and will end on Saturday November 19th.  This league is open to all curlers (new and experienced) and is especially good for first time curlers as we will mix beginning and experienced curlers together and will provide instruction as the league goes on.  Curl San Diego will provide all the equipment necessary, all you have to do is show up and have a good time.

All games will be played at Icetown Carlsbad starting at 8:40pm (for ice setup) for all games in September and October, and 10:45pm for November 12th and 19th games.  You may register as a team or as an individual.  If you want request to play with somebody just let us know during sign up.

Membership to Curl San Diego is required to join the 2016 Fall League.

Click Here for the 2016-2017 Membership Page.

Can’t make the whole league?  We almost always need subs.  Check out the Curl San Diego sub page or email us at curlsandiego@yahoo.com for any questions.

Good Curling!

Fall League 2016 Team Rosters:

Team Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
 Slide and the Family Stone Jeff Damron  Mark Kumimoto /

Brian Walsh

Terry Kolody Ryan Malthus /

Marychello Lauretzen

The Eh Team  Stefanie Smith Mellisa Catellier Karla Martinez Karen Coombs
 Mac Attack Donna Fipps Don Fipps Sharon McIlwain Larry McIlwain
 Fabulous Five  Joseph Wilhelm Heather Wilhelm  Janine Fulkerson  Sam Fulkerson
The Hateful Eight Enders Keven Jeffery Brian Lenz / Jenny Wong-Welch Tom Voss / Tory Compton Jordan Nielsen
Team 6 Jason Feldman  Clyde Nooris  Patrick Colpoys Eirc Bennett


Week Sheet B Sheet C Sheet D
Week 1


Family Stone vs. Team 6 The Eh Team vs. Hateful Eight Mac Attack vs. Fabulous Five
Week 2
Fabulous Five  vs. The Eh Team Mac Attack vs. Family Stone Hateful Eight vs. Team 6
Week 3


Family Stone vs. Fabulous Five Hateful Eight vs. Mac Attack Team 6 vs. The Eh Team
Week 4


The Eh Team vs. Mac Attack Team 6 vs. Fabulous Five Hateful Eight vs. Family Stone
Week 5


Fabulous Five vs. Hateful Eight Family Stone vs. The Eh Team Mac Attack vs. Team 6
Week 6


 Team 6 vs. Family Stone Hateful Eight vs The Eh Team Fabulous Five vs. Mac Attack
Week 7


Mac Attack vs. The Eh Team  Fabulous Five vs. Team 6 Family Stone vs. Hateful Eight
Week 8


 Fabulous Five vs. Family Stone Mac Attack vs. Hateful Eight


The Eh Team vs. Team 6
Week 9


(Starts at 8:45pm)

Team 6 vs. Hateful Eight

(Starts at 8:45pm)

Family Stone vs. Mac Attack

(Starts at 8:45pm)

The Eh Team vs. Fabulous Five

(Starts at 8:45pm)

Week 10


(Starts at 10:45pm)

 Team 6 vs. Mac Attack

(Starts at 10:45pm)

The Eh Team vs. Family Stone

(Starts at 10:45pm)

Hateful Eight vs. Fabulous Five

(Starts at 10:45pm)

Week 11


(Starts at 10:45pm)

 The Hateful Eight vs. The Eh Team

(Starts at 10:45pm)

 The Fabulous Five vs. Mac Attack

(Starts at 10:45pm)

Team 6 vs. Family Stone

(Starts at 10:45pm)


 Team 6 6 1/2 3 1/2
 Slide and the Family Stone

(3W 1L against Tied Opponents)

 6  4
 The Hateful Eight

(2W 2L against Tied Opponents)

6 4
The Eh Team

(1W 3L against Tied Opponents)

6  4
 The Fabulous Five 3 1/2 6 1/2
 Mac Attack  2  8


2016 Fall League
Product Options
1One Player - First Payment$100.000
2One Player - Second Payment$100.006
3One Player - Third Payment$75.006
4One Player - Full Payment$275.000