2015 Fall League

Congratulations to Team Stone Ruination for winning the 2015 Curl San Diego Fall League!


Good Curling!
Fall League 2015 Team Rosters:

 Team Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
Mac Attack  Don Fipps Donna Fipps Sharon McIlwain  Larry McIlwain
House Hunters  Karen Combs  John Malin  Pat Colpoys Alan Schmaltz
Arrogant Bastards  Eric Bennette Jesse Coull  Adam Endicott Terry Kolody
Marge’s Trail Matthew Clay  Rich Mauser Neil McKenna Matt Terzo
Stone Cold Porter Kevin Jeffrey  Brian Lenz Tom Voss Rich Glauser
Tequila Sunrise  Stefanie Smith  Marychello Lauritzen  Jennifer Haslam Michelle Facette
Slide & The Family Stone  Brian Walsh  Jason Feldman  Mark Kumimoto  Ryan Malthus
McLachlan Owen McLachlan  John Phillips  Jeff Damron
Stone Ruination  Clyde Nooris Alan Scott Kirk Wilson Kevin Joseph
 Guadalupe Brewing Andrew May Tom Stanton Claire DuBois Ashley Hicks


Week Sheet A Sheet B Sheet C Sheet D Sheet E
Week 1


 Stone Ruination vs. Tequila Sunrise Stone Cold Porter vs. McLachlan Guadalupe Brewing vs. House Hunters Mac Attack vs. Family Stone Arrogant Bastards vs. Marge’s Trail
Week 2


 Stone Cold Porter vs. Family Stone Tequila Sunrise vs. House Hunters McLachlan vs. Stone Ruination Guadalupe Brewing vs. Marge’s trail Mac Attack vs. Arrogant Bastards
Week 3


 Guadalupe Brewing vs. Mac Attack Stone Cold Porter vs. Arrogant Bastards Tequila Sunrise vs. Marge’s Trail Stone Ruination vs. House Hunters McLachlan vs. Family Stone
Week 4


 Stone Cold Porter vs. Guadalupe Brewing Family Stone vs. Stone Ruination Tequila Sunrise vs. Mac Attack McLachlan vs. Arrogant Bastards House Hunters vs. Marge’s Trail
Week 5


House Hunters vs. Mac Attack Stone Ruination vs. Marge’s Trail Family Stone vs. Arrogant Bastards McLachlan vs. Guadalupe Brewing Tequila Sunrise vs. Stone Cold Porter
Week 6


Arrogant Bastards vs. Stone Ruination Marge’s Trail vs. Mac Attack Family Stone vs. Guadalupe Brewing House Hunters vs. Stone Cold Porter McLachlan vs. Tequila Sunrise
Week 7


House Hunters vs. McLachlan Arrogant Bastards vs. Guadalupe Brewing Marge’s Trail vs. Stone Cold Porter Family Stone vs. Tequila Sunrise Stone Ruination vs. Mac Attack
Week 8


Marge’s Trail vs. McLachlan Family Stone vs. House Hunters Mac Attack vs. Stone Cold Porter Arrogant Bastards vs. Tequila Sunrise Guadalupe Brewing vs. Stone Ruination
Week 9


Marge’s Trail vs. Family Stone Mac Attack vs.  McLachlan Arrogant Bastards vs. House Hunters Stone Ruination vs. Stone Cold Porter Guadalupe Brewing vs. Tequila Sunrise


 House Hunters vs. Mac Attack Arrogant Bastards(1) vs. McLachlan (4) Guadalupe Brewing vs. Tequila Sunrise  Family Stone (2) vs. Stone Ruination (4) Stone Cold Porter vs. Marge’s Trail


Stone Cold Porter vs. Guadalupe Brewing House Hunters vs. Tequila Sunrise 1-2 Final: Arrogant Bastards vs. Stone Ruination 3-4 Final: Family Stone vs. McLachlan Mac Attack vs. Marge’s Trail


League Stats

Results for Week 1

Results for Week 2

Results for Week 3

Results for Week 4

Results for Week 5

Results for Week 6

Results for Week 7

Results for Week 8

Results for Week 9

Results for Week 10

Results for Week 11


First Place:   Stone Ruination 7 4
Second Place:   Arrogant Bastards 9 2
Third Place:   Slide & The Family Stone 8 3
Fourth Place:   McLachlan 5 6
 House Hunters 6 5
Stone Cold Porter 5 6
Tequila Sunrise 4 7
Guadalupe Brewing 4 7
Mac Attack 4 7
Marge’s Trail 3 8
Fall League 2015
Product Options
1One Player - Full Payment$280.000.00 lbs0
2One Player - First Payment$80.000.00 lbs0
3One Player - Second Payment$100.000.00 lbs2
4One Player - Third Payment$100.000.00 lbs4
5One Player - Full Payment + Membership$330.000.00 lbs0
6One Player - First Payment + Membership$130.000.00 lbs0
7One Player - Full Payment + Other Club Membership$300.000.00 lbs0
8One Player - First Payment + Other Club Membership$100.000.00 lbs0