SUBS (substitute players)

General Curl San Diego Sub Rules

1.  You do not have to have prior curling experience to serve as a sub.  New curlers will play lead and be given a crash course prior to the start of the game.  Experienced curlers are expected to help teach new curlers during the course of the game.

2.  All subs should expect to play whichever position the team they are subbing for needs.

3.  The cost to sub is $25 per game, payable to the team you’re playing for so that they can reimburse the absent player.


Additional Curl San Diego Sub Rules for Fall League (Club Playoffs) Only

1.  Your team must have at least 2 original players and a total of at least 3 players to be able to play.  Otherwise an automatic loss will result.

2.  Subs cannot be members of another team that’s also in the league.

3.  In the case of 1 team facing an automatic loss, please still try to arrange subs so that the game can be played.  Your opponents came to play, so form a team for the game however you can.  Upon completion of the game, be sure to mark it as a loss regardless of the score.

4.  In the case of 2 opposing teams facing an automatic loss, the game should be played with whatever subs that can be arranged.  Neither team receives any credit for the game regardless of the score.

5.  Failure to follow any of these rules will result in an automatic loss.


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