We are a not-for-profit club that is dedicated to fostering the sport of curling in San Diego.

Membership has privileges and supports the efforts of the club.


2013-2014 Member Benefits

* Run for and vote on club leadership. Also vote on all other issues presented to the membership.

* Exclusive access to league play.  You must be a member of Curl San Diego to participate in our main Fall league. This became effective Fall 2012.

You do not need to be a member to participate in our smaller leagues, pick-up games and learn-to-curl events.

* Discounted subbing privileges.  The sub fee for non-members is $25 and just $15 for members.

* FREE Curl San Diego t-shirt. Click here to view styles and size chart.  Indicate preferences with payment.

* FREE Curl San Diego name tag, or if you already have a club name tag, $5 off the price of membership.

* Advance, priority sign-up for special events offered by the club.

* Automatic membership in USA Curling (United States Curling Association, formally known as USCA) and MoPac (Mountain Pacific Curling Association), which provides the following benefits: Eligibility to play in regional and national playdowns that lead to national championships and Olympic trials.  1-year subscription to The U.S. Curling News, a monthly newspaper produced by USA Curling. 

* Special price consideration with the following curling equipment suppliers:

Dakota Curling Supplies (call 1-800-256-0009 for details)

Shot Rock Curling Supplies (call 1-888-574-6876 for details)

Steve’s Curling Supplies (call 1-800-227-2875 for details)


Types of Memberships:

Individual — Full membership benefits as described above — $50

Individual without Name Tag $45

Other Club — For curlers who consider another curling club their primary club but would also like to support Curl San Diego. “Other club” membership provides the benefits of a free name tag, a free t-shirt and priority event sign-up.  A subscription to The U.S. Curling News is not included. — $20

Other Club without Name Tag $15


Membership is annual and valid from July 1st to June 30th.  This is set to match the USA Curling and MoPac membership periods.

2013-2014 Annual Membership
Product Options
1Individual Membership$50.000.00 lbs38
2Individual Membership without Name Tag$45.000.00 lbs32
3Other Club Membership$20.000.00 lbs49
4Other Club Membership without Name Tag$15.000.00 lbs50
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