Meyer Rink

Flanked by special guests Terry Meek and Cheryl Bernard are 2010 Curl San Diego Club Champions Tim Leen, Doug Evans, Ken Micklash and Andy Meyer.

Owen McLachlan

Cheryl Bernard presents Owen McLachlan with the 2010 Curl San Diego Member of the Year Award.

Francesca Somma presents Mark Dossett with the 2011 Curl San Diego Member of the Year Award.

2 thoughts on “Photos”

  1. I live in Escondido and am a member of Ico-plex. Watching the NBC news last night was the first time I heard leagues, etc. I curled many years in Superior, Wisconsin and traveled to many different locations to participate in Bonspeils. I also belonged to same curling club and curled with and against Bud Sommerfield. If you are not aware, Bud was the first American to win the World Champsionship (Silver Broom) and did wo twice. 10 years apart. I'm looking forward to meeting and participating in some events.

    John T. Cronin
    (760) 404-6185

  2. John – it would be great to have you curl with us! I've added your e-mail to our interest list – we'll send out details on our next league soon.

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