Curl San Diego Club T-Shirts

T-Shirt Size Chart


Brand: Gildan SoftStyle

Material: 100% soft, pre-shrunk cotton.

Color: White

Style: Men’s and women’s short-sleeve.

Graphics: Dark blue watercolor (won’t crack or fade like silkscreen).


You can pick up your order at a future curling event or we can ship anywhere in the world!


Receive a FREE Curl San Diego t-shirt with the purchase of any 2011-2012 Club Membership!


MEN’S T-SHIRT (front and back)

MEN'S T-SHIRT (front and back)


WOMEN’S T-SHIRT (front and back)

WOMEN'S T-SHIRT (front and back)

Curl San Diego Club T-Shirt
Product Options
11 Men's T-Shirt, Size M$10.0021
21 Men's T-Shirt, Size L$10.0055
31 Men's T-Shirt, Size XL$10.0056
41 Men's T-Shirt, Size XXL$10.0020
51 Women's T-Shirt, Size M$10.0023
61 Women's T-Shirt, Size L$10.0061
71 Women's T-Shirt, Size XL$10.0060