So you want to try curling…

Curling is great. You’re going to love it. Just try it and we know that you’ll like. We feel so confident that we should probably offer a money back guarantee but our treasurer says that would be a book-keeping nightmare. If you’ve never curled before, here are few easy steps to get you up and going.


Step 1. Sign up for a Learn to Curl. Don’t overthink it, just get out there on the ice and start learning. We’ve got all the equipment and know how, you just show up and we’ll take care of the rest!


Step 2. Between now and your first Learn to Curl, you can check out these resources to learn a little more about curling.


Step 3. Start playing! After you’ve done a Learn to Curl or two, just jump into a league. You’ve got this! If you’re not sure you’re ready for that yet, you can first:

  • Join the Sub List and fill in during a regular game.
  • Try out one of our beginners leagues.
  • Sign up for our School of Rocks (part skills practice and part regular play).


Step 4. Don’t buy any gear yet. We’re in the processes of setting up some discounts for group orders and, if we have enough interest, we might even put together a curling shoe party or something (oh yes, you can make your own curling shoes). You don’t have to buy any equipment to get started but will probably want to do so eventually. We just don’t want you to go out and buy something that might not be quite right for you.


Step 5. Become a part of the team! Curlers are the best part of curling and our members are the lifeblood of the club. You’re never too new to help Curl San Diego on its mission of promoting good curling in San Diego and beyond. Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Make it official and join Curl San Diego.
  • Join a committee. Why not? You’re new so you’ve got something new to bring to the club.
  • This one is the most important… Show up, curl, and have fun. Your participation at events is key to the success of the club so come and bring your friends. We promise they’ll like it.


In the meantime, be sure to join our email list to keep up to date on what’s going on!