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Major Announcement – Curl San Diego Moving To Carlsbad in the Fall of 2014! – Click here for more information


Welcome to Curling in San Diego!

Yes, believe it or not, the Winter Olympic sport of curling is actively played in San Diego. With multiple leagues throughout the year, learn to curl clinics, and pick-up games, you too can escape from the eternally pleasant San Diego weather into a chilly ice rink to throw large rocks and sweep like a madman!

Curl San Diego is open to all people who are interested in the sport of curling. Our objectives are to promote and support curling in San Diego, to establish and maintain regular play, and to have a lot of fun at all times.


Pickup Game Scheduled for Saturday August 23rd at 10:30pm!

This game is open to curlers of all skill levels including first timers.

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2014-2015 Curl San Diego Membership is now for sale – Click Here

* Run for and vote on club leadership. Also vote on all other issues presented to the membership.

* Exclusive access to league play.  You must be a member of Curl San Diego to participate in our main Fall league.

You do not need to be a member to participate in our smaller leagues, pick-up games and learn-to-curl events.

* Discounted subbing privileges.  The sub fee for non-members is $25 and just $15 for members.

Curl San Diego name tag, or if you already have a club name tag, $5 off the price of membership.

* Advance, priority sign-up for special events offered by the club.

Automatic membership in USA Curling (United States Curling Association, formally known as USCA) and MoPac (Mountain Pacific Curling Association), which provides the following benefits: Eligibility to play in regional and national playdowns that lead to national championships and Olympic trials.  1-year subscription to The U.S. Curling News, a monthly newspaper produced by USA Curling.

* Special price consideration with the following curling equipment suppliers:

Dakota Curling Supplies (call 1-800-256-0009 for details)

Shot Rock Curling Supplies (call 1-888-574-6876 for details)

Steve’s Curling Supplies (call 1-800-227-2875 for details)


Corporate and Private Events

If you are interested in holding a corporate or private event, please contact us at curl@curlsandiego.org for more information.

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